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How important is water? Does it affect weight loss?

Water as most of you know its super important, we are 75% water and the fact that we can’t go more than 3 days without it shows its importance! Ok, now for the meat and potatoes of water.

Fat on your body is mostly glycogen stores that will be used for energy. Carbohydrates bond with water molecules so they can be stored as fat. Glycogen cannot be stored without water! Therefore the higher the body fat percent the more water is needed so the body has enough water …for carbohydrate storage and to regulate other body functions. How much water? For every gram of stored glycogen ¾ of that is water! This is why initially you lose 5-15lbs starting a weight loss program. Just by exercising the body will use glycogen stores and the water attached to them. This unfortunately does not mean actually stored adipose (fat) was lost, just that glycogen was used.

The opposite of this happens if you carb load. If you ate 500 grams of carbs your body would use 1500-2000 grams of water to store those carbs. This on the scale may be equal to 3-4 pounds gain but in reality the weight is not fat gain and it does not mean carbohydrates equal fat gain. Carbohydrates paired with water simply cause a scale fluctuation and muscle size differences.

How much water? At least a ½oz per body pound. You will need more if you drink anything with caffeine or alcohol.

Sodium and water also play a role in that number you see on the scale. I will do my best to explain this quickly and effectively. Your body has 2 ways it stores water inside the cell and outside the cell. Sodium regulates extracellular fluids or outside the cell fluids. If your sodium is high and water is low the fluid outside the cells will increase and you may feel bloated. If you sodium is too low and water is too high the same will occur especially if you are working out hard and not replacing this electrolyte.

Therefore drink your water. Don’t avoid sodium if you are working out and don’t get frustrated if you lose 5-15lbs and then it stops. Water and carbohydrates can fluctuate the scale a lot within 24 hours so be mindful of what went into your body the last few days before stepping on the scale.


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