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Jun. 27.

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Nov. 21.

Survive Thanksmas


1. Portion sizesPortion control is in the palm of your hand

Most of us navigate through the holidays with our fitness goals on the back burner. The new variety of foods so easily accessible makes it hard not to indulge in them all! Indulging is not the problem with weight gain, it is over indulging. Using your hand to portion control can help you survive the holidays without the weight gain!


2. Recognizing you are celebrating two holiday DAYS not a holiMONTH.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are month long celebrations, which is a great time of uniting and celebrating with the ones we love but does not have to become a two month celebration of food! If weight loss is a goal remember indulging in holiday meals once a month is not going to affect your goals but it is celebrating for a whole MONTH that packs on the fat!


3. Drink water

Along with the festive foods comes festive drinks! Keeping your water consumption to at least a gallon daily through the season,this will help boast your metabolism.


4. Holiday flavored everything


Pumpkin flavored everything! Walking through the store there are poptarts, gum, ice cream, cakes, cookies, bread, coffee creamer etc. all pumpkin flavored and all full of excess sugar and calories. Now it is nearing Christmas so gingerbread flavored everything is replacing the pumpkin! Not to mention the Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and beer companies who also put out products endorsing these holiday flavors. If you are counting your macros through the holidays…eat your heart out! If not, either avoid these foods and enjoy them on the actually day of thanksgiving and Christmas or only indulge once a week because those hidden calories will add up!


5. Cold weather laziness

Floridians you need to use our northern friends as motivation! It is not nearly cold enough in Florida to use that as an excuse. If it is motivation that is lacking it a good idea to partner up with a reliable friend or trainer to become your workout partner until these holidays pass.

6. Work holiday parties

Holiday parties go on all month long, with work, friends and family. Don’t go to these parties hungry! Eat and drink water before going so you are less likely to over eat. If you can bring food bring cheese and crackers, a vegetable tray or fruit tray.

Tis the season to practice self control :)

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May. 15.

The Genetic Battle

The Genetic Battle

Genetic influences on weight loss, performance, muscle building and training.

Starting a weight loss or muscle gaining program can seem possible for some as results just do not seem attainable. If this is you, you might start thinking maybe it is just genetics!  Sure maybe you inherited your smooth appearance, shorter stocky frame and quick fat gaining abilities from your mother; but unfortunately you can not blame your ability to gain results on genetics!


Results are based on many factors including but not limited by genetics. Part of your genetics is body type which consists of endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs;  some individuals can be a mix of two types based on genes from parents.

bodytypeswomenSeemingly, the individual with the most frustration with their results or the timeliness of their results is the endomorph. With a rounder physique and soft appearance this body type has to PUT.. IN..WORK!! By this I mean consistency. Endomorphs usually have to put in more work as well as be more patient with their results. This body type gains muscle as well as fat quickly! And in my experience does not loose the fat as quickly as the other two body types. Many endomorphs make up the obese population, not knowing or being educated on the training and nutrition protocol best for their bodies, weight gain can happen quickly!  Endomorphs may also be more insulin sensitive, not meaning no carbohydrates is best but to take more caution in portion and choices.  Therefore, though the results seem to never be attainable for the endomorph, with proper nutrition and training in due time this body type can gain the same  results as any other individual body type!

The second body type are mesomorphs. Mesomorphs are how training got its start! Before personal trainers, people would simply took to the guy in the gym who is always fit and muscular and ask him for advice. Little did he know his muscle gains may come slightly quicker to him than others, making his advice incompatible for all body types.  Mesomorphs are often some of the best athletes and body builders out there!

bodytypesMesomorphs gain muscle quickly and loose fat quickly! This body type usually has wider shoulders and hips, and a narrower waist.


Williams sister’s both amazing athletes with different body types

Lastly, is the ectomorph body type. This body type maintains a skinner appearance in majority of cases. These individuals have narrow shoulders and hips as well as longer limbs and muscle bellies. They are what we call “hard gainers,” meaning ectomorphs usually have a harder time gaining muscle. Again, genetics is not a excuse for one’s abilities! Ectomorphs may not have to be as patient with fat loss but they do need to be patient with muscle gains.

The moral of the story, no matter the body type, nothing can out weigh proper nutrition, training and consistency . Each body type does call for a different training and nutrition regiment. If you have more questions please contact us to set up a free consultation!


Fitness Rx Studios client making continual gains despite his ectomorph body type

Knowledge is half the Battle!

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Apr. 14.

Web site goes live!

Our new web site is up, running and ready to assist you!

If you have visited our old web site, then we hope you will find our new site to be more informative, user-friendly and easier to get around. We have focused on providing a better user experience to you…our customers. If you are here for the first time…welcome!

Fitness Rx Studios collaborated with the marketing/design team of the and webWorkspaces to provide a more comprehensive source of company information and services. Now you can read the latest news, and check out our “web only” specials (and much more)

Be sure to “click around” and let us know what you think in the comments section or survey below.

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