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How Does Alcohol Fit My Macros??

How Does Alcohol Fit My Macros?

Will Alcohol Affect My Fitness Goals?


Having to give up alcohol is a common concern we get asked when someone is starting a fitness program. For years I restricted alcohol and certain foods to obtain a fitter physique but because of these restrictions I ended up actually having to restrict my social life. It was a sad way to live and affected me for years! Therefore today I am over joyed when I tell clients “No you don’t need to give up anything including alcohol and your social life!”


What makes up alcohol exactly?

Alcohol is actually a macronutrient. It is not listed on nutritional facts as ethanol because it is the one macronutrient that is not vital for survival. Alcohol’s has its own calorie make up; it contains 7 calories per gram, carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, protein contains 4 calories per gram and fat contains 9 calories per gram. Because of its high caloric density is probably the reason alcohol has gotten a bad reputation when it comes to fat loss.

So, how do you calculate alcohol? If you are calculating your calories only it is fairly simple (of course measuring first), if you drink 8oz of vodka this is equivalent to approximately 80 calories. Easy enough! If you are tracking macros it gets a little trickier. 80 calories of alcohol can be calculated two separate ways: either through using your fat or your carbohydrates. If you chose to use your carbohydrates you divide the 80 calories by 4 (because there is 4 calories per 1 gram), if you chose to use your fat you divide the 80 calories by 9 (because fat has 9 calories per 1 gram.) Or say you don’t have the 20 gram of carbohydrates left to cover the 80 calories you can actually split the calories between fat and carbohydrates.


If you can lose weight drinking alcohol, why is it negative for your health?

First, anything in excess is bad for the body and alcohol is one of those things that because you lose self-control is tends to be a macronutrient that is ingested in excess. The body is also more sensitive to this macronutrient, I mean you can eat 10 donuts and not puke your brains out for hours and feel like a train hit you the next the day! Second, it causes dehydration therefore affects recovery if drunken on a regular basis. This is why you will weigh more on the scale after drinking. How can you help this? Drink BCAAs throughout the day and even while or between alcoholic drinks. Or at least drink water between alcoholic beverages.  This will help hydration and recovery the next day.

Everything in Moderation!


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