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As your trainers we are committed to providing you with knowledge, support and results that will last a life time! We have spent the last 30 years combined training client hands on and learning from experts in our field to be able to bring you the knowledge and the best online training service available!


Training with Fitness Rx Studios you will always receive TWO trainers for the price of one! We are a husband and wife team that have come from completely different health back rounds! Jay has come from obesity, to bodybuilding and has suffered from metabolic damage from hiring uneducated coaches in his past! Sarah has come from anorexia, to years of eating disorders and body image dis-morphia. She has struggled with post pregnancy weight gain to later step on stage for the 4th time in the bodybuilding realm! Together as a team we are committed to your goals; there is nothing you can not accomplish!


Our nutrition takes a scientific approach that will cause a life-long change at the way you look at food! Through flexible dieting and learning how to balance your macro-nutrition you will never have to food restrict again! Of course no body is alike and a full evaluation is done before your specific diet plan is written.


Training will based on a few factors so it is custom to you:

  1. Goal (weight loss, sculpt, strength/power, corrective exercise, performance, complete transformation, post pregnancy.)
  2. Time available to train
  3. Evaluation of past injuries (if any)
  4. Where you workout
  5. Your starting point

Training can be taught online whether you are a beginner or advanced!



We love people! That is the main reason why we stay in the industry! Therefore phone calls or Facetime can be scheduled with each of us throughout your training (some limitations apply.) We will do Facebook LIVE as well in our private group!



Every week all clients check in. If you do not check in, we do not forget about you! We all need accountability and that is what is so great about having a team of TWO

trainers as well as, a support system of other clients in our private group where you can stay motivated and accountable to staying on track!


Training with us is simple…

Press the BUY NOW button to receive TRAINING AND/OR NUTRITION for

$119.99 a MONTH


*After pressing “BUY NOW” please use drop down box on mobile device to Check Out. Check out is on side bar of PC devices.

You will receive an email with 48 hours with a Health & Fitness questionnaire. This will help us with calculating and planning your nutrition, goals and training.


ALL other instructions will be attached in this email!


It is a privilege that you chose us for your health and fitness goals!

Jay and Sarah Sherinsky




All training includes nutritional guidance (flexible dieting), supplement advice, cardio regimen and full training program including weights or whatever you enjoy doing!

Sessions can be bought in larger quantities for a discounted rate. Sessions are non refundable.

Weekly check ins and bi weekly assessments.

45 minute- 50 minute sessions




Specialty Training 

C2Bodybuilding & Contest Prep ONLINE

 12 weeks of nutritional, cardio and supplement coaching

2 virtual posing session per month. Includes routine posing for women’s physique and all bodybuilders.

Weekly check ins and bi weekly assessments.



Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation!


*Session rates range from $50-$75 based on number of sessions purchased.  Payment plans are available.