Dec. 12.

Sugar and it’s Bad Wrap


Sugar and its Bad Wrap.

Is sugar really the problem or is excess the problem?

What is sugar? Most are a compound of fructose and glucose. Glucose is used by all cells of the body for energy, fructose is metabolized by the liver.  There is also high-fructose (and added sugars) as well as naturally occurring sugars.

Fake vs natural, does your body know the difference? No, the body does not. Let’s say you drank a Gatorade one day and ate an apple the next. Both containing the same amount of carbohydrates and sugar. Your body would process these the same. Once the sugar is broken down into fructose and glucose the body does not know whether it was obtained through an apple or Gatorade. Why is the apple the better choice? Because it has fiber! Yes, fiber is the secret player in the game of weight loss! Can you drink half a Gatorade and eat oatmeal instead? Yes! That would be a balance of sugar to fiber like that of an apple. Fake sugar only becomes a problem when someone is not active or only chooses to eat mostly processed food with high-fructose corn syrup leading to liver, heart, kidney and obesity problems. 

When is the best time to eat sugar? Pre and post training.

How to balance insulin spikes? FIBER!

Is it addictive? Many studies have found that sugar is addictive and has been compared to cocaine.  What has also been found, is that you can make sugar more addictive is if it is used for rewards or if it is primarily what is being consumed. How often do you lose weight then “treat” yourself? And usually the treat is something high in carbohydrates or sugar. This action actually feeds that addiction.

In a perfect world we would only eat naturally occurring sugars when the fruit was in season. But we live in America in 2016-2017 so finding a balance that does not restrict yet does not lead to an addiction would be a good start to tackling this problem with sugar.  I think the motto should be this:

A cookie every other day keeps the binge away. An apple every other day keeps the doctor away!

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