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Apr. 04.

Detox Diet Breakdown

Detox Diet Breakdown

Your Body is Smarter than you Think!

d2What is a detox? A detox to a medical professional maybe something that rids the body or poisons or alcohol. A detox to the health industry is something to rid organ systems or the whole body of toxins from the atmosphere or from consuming foods.

What is in a detox?  Over the counter detoxes come in a few different forms: teas, juices, cayenne pepper, laxatives, herb, enzymes, fiber or detox through your feet with foot pads or ionic foot baths.


What are they trying to eliminate? Toxins, parasites, fecal matter attached to wall of intestines

What are the proposed benefits? Restored energy, relief from chronic conditions, clear intestines, weight loss, better sleep and mental clarity

What about weight loss? Weight loss during detoxes does occur in most cases. Most detoxes do not include carbohydrates and include laxatives or fruits and vegetables with diuretic properties. Eliminating carbohydrates will release water held in the muscles causing a weight drop. Most detoxes add laxatives, which will cause bowel movements and dehydrate the body and bowels. Lastly add those fruits and vegetables that have diuretic properties causing the muscles, organs and skin to rid themselves of water and you are left with a dehydrated and lighter body but not less fat.

What is the scientific evidence of detoxes actually detoxing the body? To date there is none!

What are the dangers? Dehydration, blood sugar levels rising, lack of carbohydrates and protein can cause metabolic acidosis, bowel problems, electrolyte imbalances, as well as the potential to cause a negative relationship with food.


What are positive ways to detox the body? Eat a high fiber diet. Drink enough water and get plenty of sleep! Do not smoke. Do not drink alcohol on a regular basis. Get omega fatty acids in your diet. And Exercise!! There are also benefits of eating certain herbs, vegetables and fruits that help your cholesterol, liver, skin and energy but these should be done in moderation and combined with a balanced active lifestyle.

What are positive reasons to detox? For spiritual purposes. Or for food sensitive purposes, if having an issue or given a specific diet for medical reasons.

The health industry promotes detoxes to help with energy, sleep and mental clarity because they know the diets of most Americans do not contain the proper nutrients! High fat, sugar and jacked up on caffeine is what most American diets today consist of. Changing even one of these factors will cause you to have more energy and loose weight! There is no science to back over the counter detoxes, so I would not recommend wasting your money!

Your body has detox systems and organs in place already, it is simply our job to keep them healthy!


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