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Oct. 09.

Meal Timing…Does it Matter?

Meal Timing… Does it Matter?


Eat 6 meals a day and don’t eat before bed, if only weight loss or more importantly increasing your metabolism were that easy! To start with the basics:

Three important times to eat the majority of your calories.

  1. Your mother has told you from the beginning of time not to skip breakfast; science proves she was right! The American Heart Association has stated that eating breakfast is proven to help with the chances of obesity. Why? Breaking the fast of the night will help you from feeling starved by mid-day and over indulging. Eating well balanced also helps with satiation. Fats will help you feel fuller quicker, a protein source will help slow down the carbohydrate digestion and a carbohydrate especially a fibrous or viscous fiber sources, will help satiation as well as keeping your blood sugar level.
  2. Pre workout is the next best time of day to eat the majority of your calories. Your body needs fuel much like a car. Carbohydrates or glycogen are the body’s main substrate in exercise. Filling glycogen stores pre exercise will help with fatigue in long duration training when max oxygen is taken in by the skeletal muscle and with strength increases. Fatigue is when the body has used up all the glycogen stores.
  3. Post workout is the third most important time to get in those calories. During training your body has glycogen stores that deplete. If these stores are not replenished, glycogen will be synthesized into a lipid (fat.) Overtime will this cause fat accumulation? It is possible, the body’s survival mechanism will trigger it to protect itself after every glycogen depletion therefore immediately beginning to turn the next digested carbohydrate into a lipid.


How many meals?

Meal frequency recommendations are depicted by body type, goal and lifestyle. I think it is near pointless to tell a client to eat 6 meals a day when their career clearly does not allow that freedom; if my goal is to help make a lifestyle change. You can lose weight and build muscle eating 4 or 5 balanced meals a day if the 3 meals above are not skipped.

Meals, late night!

Somewhere in history someone said it hinders your results to eat before bed, this is false! It is not recommended you fast all day the binge at night. It is not recommended you sit on the couch at night and eat paying no attention to how much you are consuming. But you can eat late at night! Your growth hormone is highest while you sleep. Growth hormone is that hormone we all wish didn’t decline with age, it is highest in growing kids. It is produced by the pituitary gland and it would use that food you ate before bed to help build and repair lean muscle and convert and burn fat for energy.

Eating balanced is just as important as living balanced!

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Sep. 08.

Cardio for Calories

 Cardio for Calories

Four ways to maximize cardio for fat loss!

How do you stop spinning your wheels during cardio sessions? These are four ways to maximize your calorie output:

Integrate cardio with weights


Short on time? Circuit style training is great for keeping your heart rate elevated for a length of time while still obtaining the benefits of resistance training.





Do cardio on a separate day, or time of day from lifting

Cardio is just like lifting in the sense it is always best done when you have the energy to push yourself to the max. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to do cardio on a separate day from other training than it would be to give your cardio training 50% effort post training.

Eat prior to cardio

Contrary to the myth, there is no proof of long term fat loss during fasted cardio. There are benefits at certain times for certain goals using fasted cardio. Most clients want to gain lean muscle while loosing fat therefore fasted cardio would not be most beneficial.


There is room for argument that fasted cardio has benefits. And I would agree using fasted cardio for performance based gains can be a useful tool when integrated properly.  But from my experience for the benefit of fat loss, I have found an individual can push themselves harder, allowing their heart rate to be elevated to a fat burning zone when they have ate at least a few hours prior to cardio. If muscle loss is the goal, fasted cardio may be an alternative cardio option.

It’s all about the heart rate!

cardioEver seen those gym goers who do cardio daily while still holding a conversation… and continue to look the same?  One factor why they may never gain results is because they are taking cardio lightly. Cardio for fat loss should be quick an intense! A study by the University of St. Thomas, shown that maximal fat oxidation occurs between 60 to 80% of one’s maximal heart rate. When the heart rate is elevated so is oxygen consumption. The most fat oxidation occurs around 54% of the body’s maximal oxygen uptake, or VO2max.

Can you burn fat with moderate intensity cardio? Sure.  Low intensity cardio at long durations may burn more calories than a short high intensity cardio session during the actual activity but you will not expend energy post exercise with low intensity cardio. Therefore cardio training must be integrated based on one’s goals.

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