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Feb. 01.

Fundamentals of Training: Periodization

Fundamentals of Training: Periodization


Not all of us are trying to become power lifters but all of us can benefit from an increase in strength. Whether you are an intermediate gym goer, a mother, an athlete or a 70 year old woman the benefits of muscular strength help with every day activities.

How does someone gain strength? Strength is gained by stressors put on the body and adaptations occurs.  Like a baby adapts to the new stress load of their body weight, it does not take long for adaptation to occur and the child start running around the house. The same occurs in a grown individual’s body when lifting weights at the gym. It is quite a bit more advanced than simply adding more and more weight;  that is where periodization training can help you get to the next level.

Periodization is a system of training where training is broken into periods of time, each period has is a specific goal set for strength, power or hypertrophy gains.  When adding stress to the neuromuscular system there are phases the muscle goes through. First the neuromuscular system has an alarm response where energy out put is high as the body recognizes it is being challenged, then there is resistance where the body is adapting to the stimulus and lastly the exhaustion phase where energy is depleted and no adaptation occurs. There are two forms of periodization training linear and non linear. Using these methods of training help avoid the exhaustion phase and use all valuable energy in the adaptation phase until a peak performance or competition.


Linear is where training is broken down into weeks or months (mesocycle) where each period has a specific goal and rep range. This is best for the beginner lifter where training phases are broken down into 4-6 weeks. It is easier to track and can allow slower progressions to avoid injury.

Nonlinear periodization training is for the more advanced lifter and is a daily change in either volume or intensity (intensity=%1RM, Volume=sets x reps.) The most commonly known of this form of training is DUP or daily undulated periodization training because daily the adaptation mechanism is changed.

Which is better?

There is no evidence that one program works better than the other.  Different athletes should consider which program is most beneficial based on when and how often they need to perform optimally.


Challenge your abilities!


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Apr. 16.

10 Tips for Weight Lifting Beginners

 10 Tips for Weight Lifting Beginners


  1. Start Slow. If you do not regularly go to the gym, do not set yourself up for failure by planning to start going 5 times a week. Start with 2 and build from there.
  2. Stretch and foam roll. It is important to take care of all aspects of the health of your body and stretching and mobility is key if you do not want to be injured in the future.
  3. Limit your time! I know you may feel lost walking into a gym but wondering around is not very productive. Try to only give yourself 45-55 minutes to workout.  Each week you will get more comfortable and therefore can go into the gym with a game plan!
  4. Remember your core. Many people go to the gym and start with legs and arms and forget the most important part of the body! Your core, which is not just abs but everything but your extremities. If your core is not strong you will be more prone to injury.
  5. Find a balance. Its important to find a balance of exercises you enjoy with those you struggle with. Challenge creates change but it’s important to also enjoy working out!
  6. Do you. Do not be concerned with looking funny, stupid of feel like others are watching you do everything wrong. After studying exercise science over the years I have seen some of the fittest appearing individuals doing exercises completely wrong, actually making me close my eyes! So do not feel like you are the only one still learning.
  7. Lift smart. You may not be 20 anymore, take it easy! We have seen many older men hurt themselves in the gym, lift smart because your injury will show your age more than how much you can lift!
  8. Invest in a knowledgeable trainer if you are unsure. I know, of course I would add this tip! But I personally have hired trainers my whole life! If you are unsure about training or not gaining results it is better to invest than quit! Check the trainers certifications and portfolio. As a trainer I never thought a few months training a client could change their life but it’s been a blessing to see it happen over and over. I will always believe in investing in trainers or different sports experts, even for myself.
  9. Use dumb bells and free weights. Machines are not the best for your range of motions, joints, stabilizing muscles or maximum calories burned.
  10. Have fun!

More posts are to come next week on injury prevention, stretching, and strength training!

We all have to start somewhere

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Apr. 03.

The Biggest Challenge Yet

 The Biggest Challenge Yet

Pregnancy Fitness

     I am almost 19 weeks pregnant and already feeling huge! I know I am gaining fat a little faster than I should so I will just say that now to hold myself accountable. :/ 

So far my thoughts about being pregnant are..I think I will stick with one baby! (lol) My husband and I saw our baby BOY for the first time about 3 ½ weeks ago, it was a very exciting moment. I am not excited all the time for being pregnant is a struggle for me mentally.


Baby Boy! 15 weeks 4 days sonogram

Stress of life is a given and my life is far from stress-less; usually I would focus on my training and that would somehow help me deal with every other aspect of my life. Training today is far from fun! It is something I am trying to learn from but when you feel like you are taking 100 steps back in your physique and your training it becomes very discouraging. I have been training maybe twice a week! I am still trying to lose muscle therefore hitting the weights twice a week is all I do. Cardio training I only did once a week before pregnancy so why start now!? Haha I can not sprint, run, or pull a sled..so why even do anything!? Silly for some people to hear I’d rather pull a sled than go for walks…must be something about the puking feeling.;)

Uh Oh, She Lifts!
Deadlifting light weight! @ about 18 weeks

Training with the baby has taught me two important lessons about myself and others. First, I feel for my over weight and obese clients whom have never exercised before. I am out of breathe quickly and get fatigued quickly;  I have a new appreciation for some of my clients so much so that I almost want to take it easier on you!;) Second, no doubt I am a fitness freak, fitness junkie and addict because not being able to practice what I preach to the MAX is KILLING me! :P


On a happier note…I do crave salads, fruits and vegetables. I do not crave chicken at all! (lol)  I do crave sweets but try to only indulge twice a week.:/ Anorexia to pregnancy is no easy venture but I am determined to do my best in continuing to train during my pregnancy. 

Things I have ate I never thought I would!:

  1. A whole bag of Doritos in 1 day.
  2. 2 whole bags of grapes in 2 days.
  3. No hesitation for eating ANY desserts!
  4. Box of Rits Bits in 1 day.
  5. Box of Cheese Its in 1 day.

Total weight gained thus far: 9lbs

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