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Apr. 13.

The Mind Behind the Magic

 The Mind Behind the Magic

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132As  a teen I would look at figure competitors in such awe! “That is possible??” I’d say to myself as I surfed online looking at contests and photos of some of the best women in the industry. At about 18 I decided to start pursuing this dream. I competed a few years later at 21 years old then again at 22 and 23 years old. Over the years of competing there is a certain mindset I had to learn to have that not everyone has if they have never gone through this journey of competing. Here are 6 tips to effectively keeping your mind focused on the stage!

1. Envision it from day one! If you do not envision it every week you will be unhappy with the results every week. Find a competitor online who may look similar to your body type and DON’T STOP posing, training and dieting until you are there. Mirror practice from day one. Start to learn the posing and envision yourself on that stage…Winning! The more your body gets acclimated to the movements on stage the easier posing will be and the better your muscles will begin to form in that way.

2. Step by step. Do not worry about what your diet will be like in 2 months or how much cardio you will be doing. Take it day by day because your body may end up and surprise you!

3. In it to Win it but Focus on You! What I mean is when competing you must find a balance because you may not win but to be disappointed it is almost silly. Stepping on stage after months of hard dieting and training to be JUDGED is a huge accomplishment! Train, eat and pose to win but make sure you are on that stage at the end of the day for your own sense of accomplishment, only you know where you have come from!

0504. Have selective hearing. My first year in the industry I was pulled in so many directions because every trainer thought they knew the best way to prep me for a show. Every body is different in this sport and sticking to one trainer and one trainer only is the best way to get results! Many competitors do not diet or do cardio in a healthy manner so I would watch out for that but sticking to one trainer regardless, allows the trainer over that season or over the years to learn your body and what works to you.

5. Learn. Though you may be shredded don’t get stuck in a know it all mentality. There is a lot of knowledge and new studies out there and you will miss it if you think you know it all.

6. Prioritize. Competing used to absolutely rule my life, or the life I didn’t have because I competed. Make sure while coming in to a show you plan ahead so you make time for other priorities in your life.

Bodybuilding is a mind, body and spirit journey. Never give up and never stop learning!

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