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Jun. 29.

Soreness & Effective Training

Soreness & Effective Training

Is DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) a true indicator of an effective workout?

Word on the streets is that there is this boot camp that will make you incredibly sore! They must be good trainers and constructing an effective workout right? …..wrong. Let’s go over some basics of what is actually taking place when these actin and myosin are at work.


What is muscle soreness?

Muscle soreness post exercise should hit a peak around 24-48hours and why DOMS is named delayed onset muscle soreness.  DOMS is not related to lactic acid but is an inflammatory response. In an inflammatory response the body produces metabolic waste which then stimulates nerve endings to communicate to the brain there is pain. The body does as it would with any injury, it sends neutrophils to the site of the muscle damage to begin repair.


Who can get DOMS?

Anyone, at any fitness level.  Someone who has just begun an exercise regiment can expect DOMS but should communicate with the fitness professional about the severity of soreness.


Does soreness indicate a good workout?

No. Due to media and ignorance (to be frank) people have begun to chase soreness and rate a workout good or bad based on soreness. This is a dumb idea and will lead to injury. One can perform the same exercise frequently and not get DOMS and still make progress in their program. Extreme DOMS can also be an indicator that the individual over did it, which also indicates that their muscles are not yet capable of proper repair at that training intensity. Multiple studies have indicated that DOMS can cause injury due to compromised kinematics, reduced focus and motivation in lifts and hinders ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production.


How do I prevent DOMS?

We are all subject to DOMS, especially those fitness enthusiasts. The best treatment is the full treatment. Meaning make sure your training is progressive and smart, listen to your body while training and don’t ignore flexibility and mobility in your program.



Does DOMS affect hypertrophy?

No study has shown that it does. DOMS is predominately caused by the eccentric contraction therefore some people will contract slower during the release (eccentric), training this way will not increase hypertrophic gains. Training a muscle group more often will lessen the chances of you getting DOMS and still produce hypertrophic gains.


Soreness, is part of the process but does not equal the process.


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Sep. 25.

Operation Fit Mom: 6 week Post Pregnancy

Operation Fit Mom: 6 week Post Pregnancy

Ugh! Working out is so hard! I actually complained during a workout yesterday because everything has never been this difficult! When it comes to nutrition, it is relieving to know I can now loose weight without starving or conforming to rigid eating habits. In the past I would loose weight by dramatically changing my lifestyle  (eating less, increasing cardio, eating “clean”) in such ways that I would take two weeks just mentally preparing for it. Then by day 3 I would already be dreaming of foods I’d restricted myself from! And people deny eating this way is a disorder?!

I’m so blessed to have the knowledge and the opportunity to increase my knowledge and learn nutrition more in depth. Though it does not happen in 30 days, I am on track loosing fat eating what I love, never feeling starved and training the least amount possible.

The three workouts I’ve done thus far consisted of 30 minutes of body weight exercises in my living room as my son does not always allow me to go out of the house. Body weight workouts in the past were almost never challenging enough; this time I barely survived even with the 3 minute rest intervals!

My nutritional plan:  Like many new clients struggle, I found it a little bit of a challenge the first two weeks accurately tracking my numbers and getting into the habit again on calculating what I eat. My food increased today as I am training twice per week now. I am still eating flexibly in my macros and approximately 2100 kcals; pizza and Chinese were on the menu today. Carbohydrates are well over 200 so cereal has also been a high carb food of choice this week. I dont time my meals or have a certain amount a day. And I still drink diet coke (its the only caffeine I get!;p) along with making sure I meet my water requirements.

My goals right now: To be patient (lol)..I can not focus on weight goals. I had a few eating disorders in the past so the scale too often could become dangerous territory. I also am not in a calorie deficit due to breastfeeding so my weight may not drop as quickly.

My weight: 171

My 4 week Progression

3wksidess3 wkss

4 weeks:
Approximately 3lbs down, only 3-30 minute workouts in the 4 weeks, I eat what I want and track my macros :)..that is all, excited for what the next 4 weeks bring!

A key to success in fitness goals is embracing every step along the way



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Sep. 08.

Cardio for Calories

 Cardio for Calories

Four ways to maximize cardio for fat loss!

How do you stop spinning your wheels during cardio sessions? These are four ways to maximize your calorie output:

Integrate cardio with weights


Short on time? Circuit style training is great for keeping your heart rate elevated for a length of time while still obtaining the benefits of resistance training.





Do cardio on a separate day, or time of day from lifting

Cardio is just like lifting in the sense it is always best done when you have the energy to push yourself to the max. Therefore, it would be more beneficial to do cardio on a separate day from other training than it would be to give your cardio training 50% effort post training.

Eat prior to cardio

Contrary to the myth, there is no proof of long term fat loss during fasted cardio. There are benefits at certain times for certain goals using fasted cardio. Most clients want to gain lean muscle while loosing fat therefore fasted cardio would not be most beneficial.


There is room for argument that fasted cardio has benefits. And I would agree using fasted cardio for performance based gains can be a useful tool when integrated properly.  But from my experience for the benefit of fat loss, I have found an individual can push themselves harder, allowing their heart rate to be elevated to a fat burning zone when they have ate at least a few hours prior to cardio. If muscle loss is the goal, fasted cardio may be an alternative cardio option.

It’s all about the heart rate!

cardioEver seen those gym goers who do cardio daily while still holding a conversation… and continue to look the same?  One factor why they may never gain results is because they are taking cardio lightly. Cardio for fat loss should be quick an intense! A study by the University of St. Thomas, shown that maximal fat oxidation occurs between 60 to 80% of one’s maximal heart rate. When the heart rate is elevated so is oxygen consumption. The most fat oxidation occurs around 54% of the body’s maximal oxygen uptake, or VO2max.

Can you burn fat with moderate intensity cardio? Sure.  Low intensity cardio at long durations may burn more calories than a short high intensity cardio session during the actual activity but you will not expend energy post exercise with low intensity cardio. Therefore cardio training must be integrated based on one’s goals.

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Jul. 31.

Calisthenics, No Gym Required!


No excuses now! Calisthenics training is any exercise that uses body weight only. Calisthenics is one of two types:

  1. Without any equipment or apparatus.
  2.  With bodyweight equipment; example, any gymnastics equipment, TRX (suspension training) or a pull up bar.

What are the benefits?

  •  increase neuromuscular efficiency
  • increase dynamic core strength
  • increase endurance

What is neuromuscular efficiency?

maxresdefaultAccording to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, neuromuscular efficiency is the nervous system’s ability of properly recruiting the correct muscles to produce and reduce force and dynamically stabilize the body in all ranges of motion.




What is dynamic core strength?

jasminecalDynamic core strength is the body’s ability to use the torso muscles to maintain proper posture during movement. An example would be using the torso (all muscles but the extremities) to stabilize the body to complete movements such as a pull up or dip.







What is muscular endurance?

burpeesMuscular endurance is your body’s ability to overcome repetitive force for an extended period of time. Many body weight exercises can be progressed but for some exercises or the elite athlete repetitiveness is the only way to progress the movement.

If your up for the challenge of a calisthenics workout, come in today to put your body to the test!

Contact Us

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May. 15.

The Genetic Battle

The Genetic Battle

Genetic influences on weight loss, performance, muscle building and training.

Starting a weight loss or muscle gaining program can seem possible for some as results just do not seem attainable. If this is you, you might start thinking maybe it is just genetics!  Sure maybe you inherited your smooth appearance, shorter stocky frame and quick fat gaining abilities from your mother; but unfortunately you can not blame your ability to gain results on genetics!


Results are based on many factors including but not limited by genetics. Part of your genetics is body type which consists of endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs;  some individuals can be a mix of two types based on genes from parents.

bodytypeswomenSeemingly, the individual with the most frustration with their results or the timeliness of their results is the endomorph. With a rounder physique and soft appearance this body type has to PUT.. IN..WORK!! By this I mean consistency. Endomorphs usually have to put in more work as well as be more patient with their results. This body type gains muscle as well as fat quickly! And in my experience does not loose the fat as quickly as the other two body types. Many endomorphs make up the obese population, not knowing or being educated on the training and nutrition protocol best for their bodies, weight gain can happen quickly!  Endomorphs may also be more insulin sensitive, not meaning no carbohydrates is best but to take more caution in portion and choices.  Therefore, though the results seem to never be attainable for the endomorph, with proper nutrition and training in due time this body type can gain the same  results as any other individual body type!

The second body type are mesomorphs. Mesomorphs are how training got its start! Before personal trainers, people would simply took to the guy in the gym who is always fit and muscular and ask him for advice. Little did he know his muscle gains may come slightly quicker to him than others, making his advice incompatible for all body types.  Mesomorphs are often some of the best athletes and body builders out there!

bodytypesMesomorphs gain muscle quickly and loose fat quickly! This body type usually has wider shoulders and hips, and a narrower waist.


Williams sister’s both amazing athletes with different body types

Lastly, is the ectomorph body type. This body type maintains a skinner appearance in majority of cases. These individuals have narrow shoulders and hips as well as longer limbs and muscle bellies. They are what we call “hard gainers,” meaning ectomorphs usually have a harder time gaining muscle. Again, genetics is not a excuse for one’s abilities! Ectomorphs may not have to be as patient with fat loss but they do need to be patient with muscle gains.

The moral of the story, no matter the body type, nothing can out weigh proper nutrition, training and consistency . Each body type does call for a different training and nutrition regiment. If you have more questions please contact us to set up a free consultation!


Fitness Rx Studios client making continual gains despite his ectomorph body type

Knowledge is half the Battle!

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May. 08.

Eating for Two?

Eating for Two?

Pregnancy training and weight gain: 23 weeks 3 days

Doctors say you should eat normally and not eat for two people, even though you are growing a mini human! Well, the last few weeks that has been easier said than done! :P For about 2 weeks I have had a burst of hunger (is what I would call it); it does not last all day but only an hour or so where I about eat the house down! I realized how much I was eating when myy husband, who is counting his marcos leaves his note pad on the counter;  and some days…most days, I will find that I have eaten more than him!

Prior to pregnancy my metabolism began to really pick up! I was eating around 2200 calories a day and dropping fat training 3 days a week! And I was hungry! Now that I am pregnant I am finding my body still wants at least that same amount of food if not more even though I am training less. During pregnancy your metabolism increases therefore I am bound to be more hungry but now finding myself cleaning out the fridge within 3 days!!


I will be brave & post a photo :)
23 weeks 3 days pregnant

Thus far I have gained 17lbs! I am not sure if that is “normal” but that’s really not something I am concerned with; my body has never fit any “norm” for a woman’s size or weight. I started this pregnancy journey at 15% body fat so may gain more than most women since I maintained a lower body fat percentage.  I am just trying to avoid stretch marks by growing too fast because I already have plenty of them from my past and I get them easily. :/ Mentally it rough some days to deal with the changes of my body. I have been focused on fitness goals since I was 12 so this is a learning experience for me mentally be able to let go of focusing on my body in that way. With my profession it is hard, I have always done my best to keep my appearance looking fit even through my metabolic damage repair but with the hormones in play and not being able to train as hard..it is out of my control. :(


Pregnancy training

Training: Full body 2 x a week (yes still deadlifting :)) and usually 1 or 2 walks with my husband

Baby update: He is moving!!!! He is very active and sometimes can be seen kicking.

Image01 (2)

 Check in next week! 4 months to go!!!!!


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Apr. 05.

Let the Bump Training Begin!

“Bump” Training

The fear of gaining baby weight is a main topic among pregnant women. Because I am a trainer, I do have the peace of mind of knowing how to properly lose the weight once the baby is born but I can see how, for many women, the weight gain can be scary. Your diet is something you no longer control, it controls you! Example; I eat 3 bagels with cream cheese for breakfast every morning!  Or I will need sour patch kids ASAP. This diet is scary even to me; I hate being out of control of my body but what woman doesn’t !

If eating my normal diet is not hard enough, trying to exercise is a struggle! No matter what stage of your life, your mind will plays games! “Why keep striving to workout? You will not gain the same benefits that you would normally; like increasing my deadlift PR or loosing fat!” Yes that crossed my mind… but over the years of training I have become an expert at sorting my feelings with facts. Therefore I train because I know I NEED to.


On a better note my metabolism is doing a wonderful job.:) I spent the 8 months prior to becoming pregnant working on building my metabolism and all that work has really paid off thus far. I have not worked out in about 5 weeks, maybe once or twice but the degree of exhaustion in the first trimester makes it nearly impossible. I have ate enough carbohydrates and sugar to run a large bus from Florida to New York (given it was run off glucose) and only have gained 3 lbs and I am out 12 weeks pregnant. Which is normal but it is not normal for most bodies who are used to training 5 days a week hardcore and following an eating plan to be able to not rebound once exercise and the diet stops. Now of course it will not maintain forever but for 3 months of being off any plan I am very happy that my metabolism seems to be burning!

Will show baby bump pictures soon!

There is a difference between increasing your metabolism and loosing weight. Keep expanding your knowledge!!

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