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Aug. 31.

The Yo-Yo Affect

The Yo-Yo Affect

Weight cycling and Metabolism


The growth of personal trainers in the last 5 years is needed but what are needed more is trainers who seek out knowledge from more qualified experts and whose driving motivation is not money. Media, marketing and money have created a rise in quick fix systems and health coaches who promise the world in “easy” quick fixes; under deliver in nutritional knowledge and leave the client with a slower metabolism after big rebounds in weight.

How many diets have you tried?

How many times have you regained the weight?

What did you learn through these diets about nutrition and your body?

Is it harder to lose the weight today?

I (Jay) have been a trainer for over 14 years and have seen fad diets cycle themselves through main stream media.  Most of these fad diets will deliver “results” but the biggest result of a diet should be attaining your goal by learning your macro boundaries and maintaining your results by implementing the proper exit strategy from the caloric deficit. I myself have attained goals using unrealistic, un-maintainable and un-scientific measures. Over the last four years I have learned more about nutrition and how the body works and completely changed my ways of dieting. Not consuming enough calories, food restricting and over training left me feeling like I had an eating disorder, with a severely damaged metabolism to go along with it. Today, as I get ready for my first show in 4 years I have to go through a process of metabolic adaptation.

How to lose fat


Diet induced thermo genesis- Thermo genesis is heat inside the human body. Diet induced thermo genesis is an increase in heat and energy expenditure brought on by food and water. Diet induced usually is by consuming fewer calories than the maintenance metabolic rate or burning more calories than you consume.


How the body reacts

Any diet where there is less energy consumed then burned, in turn will cause the metabolic rate to slow down. The body will try to keep homeostasis by forcing the metabolism to adapt to the lower caloric intake in efforts to maintain the same body weight. Over time the metabolism will become more efficient; burning less calories and keeping the body mass the same regardless of the caloric deficit or energy output.  Once the metabolism becomes efficient so does the mitochondria inside the cells. Mitochondria are the power house of cells producing ATP (energy readily used by the body) from glucose.  An efficient metabolism is what you DON’T want.

Hormones also play a role in weight loss. Hormones tell you when you’re hungry, thirsty and full. Studies have shown that when thermo genesis becomes adaptive hormones cause a decrease in satiety and an increase in hunger.  Food also regulates the thyroid and the body’s natural testosterone level, which is important even for women.  Leptin and insulin levels are regulated by food. Insulin has gotten a bad name but is important for fat loss in the active person.  All these can affect the body’s ability to lose weight and cause a faster regain if reverse dieting is not practiced.

The Regain

Do you ever feel like it was the cookie that made you fat?

There is name for the regain after dieting, post –starvation obesity. Diets most time leave you hungry and wanting everything you have restricted yourself from. You indulge in more calories and the body immediately begins to retain any extra calories you feed it.

Your metabolic rate slows down while dieting and your hormones are thrown off…so how do you stop dieting once a goal is hit and not gain all the weight back?  First, the body needs planned re-feeds. Re-feeds are usually scheduled or are thrown in based on the body’s current progress. Re-feeding temporarily increases leptin and bring back up the metabolic rate. Second, the body cannot diet forever! Calories eventually need to be brought back to the maintenance level.

Why stop dieting NOW

The science and experience of those of us who have dealt with metabolic damage is one of the most frustrating experiences. Dieting leaves you feeling prisoner to “it” in order to keep from regaining. No one should feel any one food is the cause of fat gain and no one should feel they need a certain pill or system to lose weight. The freedom is in learning through dieting flexibly.

5 ways to Identify fad diets..


  1. It focuses on avoiding foods or a macronutrient (example, Adkins ).
  2. It promise a certain weight lose in a specified time.
  3. It requires supplementation.
  4. It has a name:  21 day fix, It Works..etc.
  5. It puts multiple people on the same plan and is adjusted the same way for everyone.


Results are in the knowledge, not the pill.


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May. 08.

Eating for Two?

Eating for Two?

Pregnancy training and weight gain: 23 weeks 3 days

Doctors say you should eat normally and not eat for two people, even though you are growing a mini human! Well, the last few weeks that has been easier said than done! :P For about 2 weeks I have had a burst of hunger (is what I would call it); it does not last all day but only an hour or so where I about eat the house down! I realized how much I was eating when myy husband, who is counting his marcos leaves his note pad on the counter;  and some days…most days, I will find that I have eaten more than him!

Prior to pregnancy my metabolism began to really pick up! I was eating around 2200 calories a day and dropping fat training 3 days a week! And I was hungry! Now that I am pregnant I am finding my body still wants at least that same amount of food if not more even though I am training less. During pregnancy your metabolism increases therefore I am bound to be more hungry but now finding myself cleaning out the fridge within 3 days!!


I will be brave & post a photo :)
23 weeks 3 days pregnant

Thus far I have gained 17lbs! I am not sure if that is “normal” but that’s really not something I am concerned with; my body has never fit any “norm” for a woman’s size or weight. I started this pregnancy journey at 15% body fat so may gain more than most women since I maintained a lower body fat percentage.  I am just trying to avoid stretch marks by growing too fast because I already have plenty of them from my past and I get them easily. :/ Mentally it rough some days to deal with the changes of my body. I have been focused on fitness goals since I was 12 so this is a learning experience for me mentally be able to let go of focusing on my body in that way. With my profession it is hard, I have always done my best to keep my appearance looking fit even through my metabolic damage repair but with the hormones in play and not being able to train as hard..it is out of my control. :(


Pregnancy training

Training: Full body 2 x a week (yes still deadlifting :)) and usually 1 or 2 walks with my husband

Baby update: He is moving!!!! He is very active and sometimes can be seen kicking.

Image01 (2)

 Check in next week! 4 months to go!!!!!


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