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Sep. 25.

Operation Fit Mom: 6 week Post Pregnancy

Operation Fit Mom: 6 week Post Pregnancy

Ugh! Working out is so hard! I actually complained during a workout yesterday because everything has never been this difficult! When it comes to nutrition, it is relieving to know I can now loose weight without starving or conforming to rigid eating habits. In the past I would loose weight by dramatically changing my lifestyle  (eating less, increasing cardio, eating “clean”) in such ways that I would take two weeks just mentally preparing for it. Then by day 3 I would already be dreaming of foods I’d restricted myself from! And people deny eating this way is a disorder?!

I’m so blessed to have the knowledge and the opportunity to increase my knowledge and learn nutrition more in depth. Though it does not happen in 30 days, I am on track loosing fat eating what I love, never feeling starved and training the least amount possible.

The three workouts I’ve done thus far consisted of 30 minutes of body weight exercises in my living room as my son does not always allow me to go out of the house. Body weight workouts in the past were almost never challenging enough; this time I barely survived even with the 3 minute rest intervals!

My nutritional plan:  Like many new clients struggle, I found it a little bit of a challenge the first two weeks accurately tracking my numbers and getting into the habit again on calculating what I eat. My food increased today as I am training twice per week now. I am still eating flexibly in my macros and approximately 2100 kcals; pizza and Chinese were on the menu today. Carbohydrates are well over 200 so cereal has also been a high carb food of choice this week. I dont time my meals or have a certain amount a day. And I still drink diet coke (its the only caffeine I get!;p) along with making sure I meet my water requirements.

My goals right now: To be patient (lol)..I can not focus on weight goals. I had a few eating disorders in the past so the scale too often could become dangerous territory. I also am not in a calorie deficit due to breastfeeding so my weight may not drop as quickly.

My weight: 171

My 4 week Progression

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4 weeks:
Approximately 3lbs down, only 3-30 minute workouts in the 4 weeks, I eat what I want and track my macros :)..that is all, excited for what the next 4 weeks bring!

A key to success in fitness goals is embracing every step along the way



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Aug. 28.

Operation Fit Mom: Two Weeks Post Pregnancy

Operation Fit Mom: Two Weeks Post Pregnancy

Training, nutrition, workouts and my progress

What I did during Pregnancy…

Training: once or twice a week with bands, deadlifting and squatting stopped at 32 weeks pregnant, most other training was band work.

Cardio: maybe 10 walks total my whole pregnancy

Eating: I did not track macros at all and ate freely the whole pregnancy.

Weight gain: started 150lbs at 15% body fat, gave birth at 192lbs—42lbs gained

Photo of me the weekend of conception… at least to our and the doctors knowledge.  Was 150lbs and 15% body fat before pregnancy.


Post Pregnancy…..

14 days post birth: weight 175lbs

Training\cardio: none yet

Nutrition: Started tracking my macros this week. I am breast feeding so I am not in a calorie deficit. I am finding that I probably over ate during my pregnancy because I am HUNGRY! I am eating balanced. Therefore I am eating whole foods but still enjoying foods I love like Cheese Its and ice cream! :)


Yes, this photo is embarrassing but I am not embarrassed. Through pregnancy I think I learned to live a little! Years of anorexia and exercise bulimia made me such a control freak with my body that I took these 9 months and enjoyed life instead of focusing on what I was eating next. It was a freeing experience that made me quickly reprioritize my life. I am starting my journey back to fit but not letting it control me or take priority over other things in my life.

Check back every month for progress stats and pictures!

By the way we had a beautiful baby boy born 8\12\2014 at 6lbs 3oz.

Fitness comes in all shapes and size, don’t judge a book by its over!

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